Sunday, June 29, 2008

Junk drawer prototype

Like I said in my first post, I've been working on my Halloween costume. Yeah it's still a few months away, but I'm lazy, and tend to put stuff off until the last minute if I don't get it done before I really need it. Anyways, I wanted to be a half angel-half demon, but didn't want some cheapo store bought wings. So, I raided my junk drawer, which is more like a junk room, and came away with some pvc pipe. Too heavy and flexible for proper wings, but very easy to work with even without the proper tools. I couldn't find the cutter, and ended up just using a tree branch lopper to cut the stuff. Here's a couple pictures of the prototype, it's made of pvc pipe, drywall screws, speaker wire, and a pair of locking pliers for the top joint.I didn't see that clump of hair until I was getting these pics ready to post, it's just one of the hazards of having hair halfway down your back. The damned stuff gets everywhere.This is one of me holding it up in my giant hamhand, don't think it's giant? That piece I'm holding is nine inches long. Yes, those crappy joints do actually work, just not very well. The final draft of the skeleton is much nicer. It's aluminum, much stronger, and lighter than the pvc.Here's a preview pic. I've still got a few finishing touches to work on, but once they're done I'll post more detailed building instructions. I took plenty of pictures through-out the whole process, something I didn't think of until after I'd already finished the prototype. I've pretty much ditched the angel/demon idea for a metallic theme. I'm still looking for feather ideas, leaning toward aluminum duct tape at the moment, but if someone out there has any ideas, I'm happy to hear them. Btw, the dimensions for the "bones" are 9, 12, & 24 inches long.

╬▓eta, out.

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