Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Sell your Soul.

Sorry for the extended absence, I've been busy. Busy trapping souls. (Insert evil laughter) No, seriously, I've been trapping souls, or trying to. I hadn't had any success until just tonight, but I've finally got it worked out.

(Big things come in small packages)

Yes, there is one entire soul trapped in that tiny glass vial. They're really quite compressible, the big problem was finding a medium that would hold the little buggers. Sure, a contract signed in blood works. But, where's the art in that? Not to mention that they tend to degrade a bit over time on paper.

(Image taken in the volatile moment right before the soul had fully settled in)

Acquiring the souls was actually the easiest part of this whole ordeal; people are just giving them away. Now, finding a good way to keep hold of them, that was tough. Eventually, I had to ask for help from a certain individual who wishes to remain unnamed. Unfortunately, contract obligations prevent me from sharing the exact procedures I used. This is likely a good thing, as some of the steps involved can be quite dangerous.

For those brave souls(pun intended)who still wish to learn how it's done; I may be willing to work out a trade. (Insert more evil laughter)

╬▓eta, out.

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