Monday, December 22, 2008


Wait, no. It's Wii. I was gonna do a whole we, oui, wee-wee thing here, but I'm far too tired and full of caffeine to pull it off. Besides, as messed up as I am right now, I'd probably end up posting a picture of my dick to go along with it. While many of you would enjoy that(trust me, you would), it would likely get my blogger account suspended. And we can't have that, what would you do without my words of wisdom/insanity?

So, instead, I shall bypass the penis and get straight to the point(there may be a pun in there, but I'm not sure). Or, as straight to the point as someone with enough caffeine in their system to kill an elephant can get.

Now, where was I? Just kidding. This being the gift giving season, it is my sincere hope that many of you will be aquiring your very own, phallicly named Nintendo Entertainment System. I have had one since shortly after their release. That makes them sound like some sort of criminals. They probably should be, if only for the ammount of penis puns they've unleashed on an unwitting society.

Unfortunately, no one else I know has one. This is changing though(Santa let me know who's getting one)and now I feel I must pimp out my friend code, and ask everyone to get a copy of mario-cart. So, that I might kick their butts in online play.

6042-5104-3639 Add me, now. Please, I'm so lonely:(

╬▓eta, out.


mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

see now I would add you but I can't have you telling the penis jokes to my young innocent child...oh who are we kidding she could make you blush...will add you as soon as "Santa" comes...could be another dirty joke in there if I threw in some Mrs.Claus and raindeer inuendos...

~Jessica~ said...

OMG you two are BAD!!!
And I fail to see how a penis is related to the Nintendo Wii...???