Thursday, October 23, 2008

My glorious return to society & another transhumanist rant.

My apologies to any who might have tried to contact me this week. The stress was finally too much, and I had to take a few personal days. That means no phone; I hate the damned thing & will take any reason I can to shut it off for a few.

Well, it looks like the source of said stress will not be there tomorrow (somebody never got a doctor's not releasing him back to work. Oopsies), and I have been asked (read begged) to return. I'm still not happy at the situation, but frankly, I'm getting bored. I had plans to get some stuff done this week, but instead spent the whole time watching cartoons & fucking around on the internet. All in all, time well spent.

Okay, on to the craziness. Actually this one isn't too crazy, nothing like having magnets implanted in my finger tips. Still too much of a coward to actually go through with that one btw. This latest idea is much more sane. It's just a pair of sunglasses actually

(not really my style but it's what they do, not what they look like that interests me.)

See those funny vertical lines on the side? Those are actually a modified Fresnel lens designed to add an extra 25 degrees of perception to each side of your peripheral vision. A person's peripheral vision is used mainly for motion detection, and since the front is undistorted. This is an excellent way to extend your senses with few if any drawbacks. Sure, it might take a while to acclimatize, but an extra 50 degrees added to your field of view could be the difference between life and death.

As most of you know(because I won't shut up about it), I'm starting to get pretty serious about biking. Now, I'm confident enough to share the road with the giant metal cages (and the tiny little people driving them), but I'm not stupid enough to think I won't be the loser in a collision. So, all my senses are on constant lookout; if only cagers (I love that term) paid half as much attention to the road as cyclists must.

That's why I want these glasses so much, though I'd probably wear them even while not riding. To see what's coming up behind you is just so freaking cool.

No comic book/Pauley Shore reference this time. All I can think of are some characters from Naruto. ╬▓eta, out.

P.S. I got an anonymous comment asking for more posts. So, here you are Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous.

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