Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Insomnia has me in her cold grip once more.

Tired this long day.
My mind rises as night falls.
Sleep abandons me.

Wow, haiku. I really must be out of it. Four hours last night, and I'll be lucky to get as much again tonight.

Monday was good, felt nice to get out of the house and doing something. Thought I was going to be able to handle Tuesday. Then the shaking started, that was unpleasant. The nausea, and ten minute long nosebleed weren't much fun either. I think I need to see the doctor, seem to be a lot of symptoms for just some stress. Though with the awesome power of my mind, I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss a purely psychosomatic cause.

(You never forget your first doctor, or second, or ninth. How many are they up to now? Ah, who cares. He's my favorite.)

I hate Stumbleupon. It may not be the cause of my insomnia, but it sure as hell doesn't help. I was actually able to divorce myself from the computer Monday night, not that it helped any. I still couldn't get to sleep until after three in the morning. Not even going to bother tonight. Eventually I'll get tired enough to put the laptop down. At least this way I've got something to do while I'm not sleeping.

Shouldn't have worried about work though, boss lady never did come down. She's supposed to come out later this week, but I've got the feeling she's just going to keep delaying. I'm surprised that she's so successful. I guess, like most things in life, it's how motivated you are, not how good.

This certainly holds true for me. I've got all the innate talent or skill anyone could want(did I mention the awesome power of my mind?), but little to no motivation to go with it. Probably a good thing for humanity in general, as I do tend towards the whole mad-scientist/super-villain end of the spectrum.

(Imagine him but with long hair, and you know, less fashion sense or good looks.)

Oh well, I'm off to click that Stumble button until I run out of internet, or brain cells. Whichever comes first.

╬▓eta, out.

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