Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday was a pretty momentous day

I finally bit the bullet, and bought a bike. I've been riding an exercise bike for a bit over a month to get back into shape. Not there yet, but I can manage a couple hours with no problem. So, I decided to get the real thing. I was starting to get bored staring at the same thing all the time.

(Here it is right after I got it home)

(Complete with it's first scratch courtesy of Dad's stupid paint rig)

It's a Raleigh Venture 3.0, a 21 speed comfort style bike. This thing is huge too, I'm 6'3" and the handle bars come up to my chest; a 22 inch frame on 26 inch tires. I got it for just over $300 at IE Bikes in Murrieta, the whole family had gone out to check on my sister in law. She was in the hospital after having a parasite removed(more on that later).

(Decked out with all the accessories)

I had planned to check out the Cannondale Comfort at Redhawk bikes in Temecula, but Erin, my sister in law, mentioned IE Bikes. They were just a couple blocks from the hospital. So, I figured what the hell, and went to have a look. Lucked out too, first bike I tried fit perfect and was a couple hundred cheaper than what I was looking at.

I spent the money I saved on some stuff to trick out my ride :p I would have gotten most of this stuff eventually, but it's nice to have it all now. I got a pump, water bottle & rack, head & tail lights, patch kit, multi tool, tire guage, spare inner tube, dorky looking helmet(I care more about my brains than I do fashion & so should you. In fact, everyone should care about my brains), and an under seat bag to hold everything that doesn't bolt to the bike, or strap to my head.

(Here it is crossing my exercise bike. Hard to see the scale from these pics, but trust me it's ginormous)

Onto Erin's parasite. She had been dealing with this thing for about nine months now. Apparently she contracted it doing something shady with my brother, I really don't want to know exactly what. He came out of it fine, but she had this thing growing in her belly. The little bugger was 7 pounds, 3 ounces and 19.5 inches long when they cut it out of her. She(the doctors were some how able to determine it's gender)came out of the surgery fine, The doctors gave it a bunch of tests, some shots, even took prints of it's lower apendages. Erin seems to have lost it. She's decided to keep the parasite, and has even named it Elizabeth. I know these past nine months have been tough on her, but this is just crazy.

(Erin can been seen exposing her breast to the creature in some bizarre ritual designed to appease the beast)

No one else seems to find her behaviour odd. Everyone's doting over it, wanting to hold it, cooing at it in strange voices. I think it has some strange hold over their minds. My brother, Gary, in particular seems enamored with the parasite.

(He can be seen here, holding the parasite hours after it's extraction. I think it's trying to eat his finger.)

All kidding aside. Happy birthday Elizabeth Snow.

I'm gonna call her Snow White. Now they just have to have another one called Rosalie. Then we can have Snow White & Rose Red(read Fables, it's a great comic book).

I'm an uncle, again. ╬▓eta, out.

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mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

thanks for the pictures of the beautiful parasite and of Erin's boob ( I am sure she will be glad thats on the net, for all to see) have a gorgeous neice, spoil her as every princess should be spoiled Uncle Dan...Oh and the Bike looks cool, you riding it to work?