Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Still sick. Still pissed.

Trash and tissues have been taken care of though. Took me a fucking hour to clean up. No it not quite that messy in here. I just couldn't go more than a couple minutes without having to take a break. My lungs have betrayed me, I think they're working for the virus now. I'm serious. I've been rolling around on an office chair for the past hour trying to clean up, but still getting winded even though I'm sitting down. I hate being this weak. I am strong like bull normally. Hell, you can favorably compare me to a bull in most things. Strength, stamina, cock size, hardheadedness, tail, horns. Wait strike those last two, had to have them removed. Fucking christians kept freakin' out, throwing water and little sticks at me. Weirdos. Still got the cloven hooves though. Really save on boots that way.

(It's pretty fucked up that we give these things to our dogs as treats)
(yes, that's dried bull penis and chances are that if you have dogs you've handled one, maybe even tasted it if you're the curious type.)

So, here I am, a Superman basically, until some little fucking bastard too small for me to even see burrows into my head and lungs and sucks out all my strength. A god damned kitten could take me out right now.

(according to Google, this is the cutest kitten ever, and right now it could kick my ass!)

Ah screw it, I'm gonna go take some benadryl, make a sammich, and then try to get the trash can out to the curb without passing out.

╬▓eta, out.

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