Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sorry Ma'am, you've got wall bats.

(Not to be confused with head pigeons.)

(this, I suppose you can call him cute, little guy landed outside my office this afternoon)

I took a couple pictures, printed one out to mess with my co-worker. She taped it up next to her desk. After jumping a mile when I threw it at her. She named him Bob. Bob the bat. I think she may have been dropped on her head as a child. Just kidding Tammy. I'm sure it was just the lead paint on your cradle.

(He is kinda cute. If you ignore the leathery wings holding him to the wall.)

He reminds me of Mc Guyver for some reason. I think his hairy body looks just like a mini-flying-mouse-mullet. Of course, I am currently under the influence of benadryl and large club sandwich from Farmer boys. I'm not sure if that latter one has anything to do with it, but it sure was tasty. I had three sides with it too. Fries, onion rings, and a salad. Don't ask.

(Don't hate me because I'm beautiful)

We just left him there. He was kinda high up, and not too many people use that walkway. I think a cat probably climbed up whatever tree he usually make his home and scared him out into the rays of the evil daystar. I'm sure he'll go home after a night of bug eating and spreading rabies.

Alpha, ah, ah, ah. ╬▓eta, out, out, out.

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