Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now, I'm really pissed.

Sick as a fucking dog over here. Only going to work because I can't afford to take the week off. Everyone knows this, and that I'm trying to take it easy. So, what happens? I get stuck covering the front desk, while the person that's was hired to do it takes a fucking nap. I can not even think of an epithet strong enough for this woman. She is beyond incompetent. Everyone in the office has tried to teach her what to do. Hell, our boss has even brought our old manager out of retirement for the week to try and knock some sense into her. It's not working. Nothing is.

Our old manager's cool though, and she has kept the new people from starting any fights this week. Yes, fights. The incompetent moron's husband (I think I mentioned before that the new people are married) got up in our managers' face and threatened her. He hasn't spoken to her since, just passing messages on through me. This shit is just ridiculous. The manager has threatened to quit. So, has Tammy, and if they go, I don't see why I should stay. Especially not since I'm the only one who seems to know what the fuck I'm doing.

Fuck this shit, I'ma go watch mythbusters. ╬▓eta, out.


Anonymous said...

I promise, I did not drop Tammy on her head when she was a baby or any other time, no matter how she acts, I didn't do it. Tammy's Mom

mom of 2 wonderful brats said...

I am NOT the one who took a nap...just to be clear...